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Welcome To MFM New Jersey — 21 Comments

  1. i have a deportation order to live d country by 3/15/13 and to ensure i do not escape, they place a monitoring gadgets on my feet, this order was brought about by first marriage that ended in a divorce. i have now remarried and they are insisting i have to go back to my country and let my husband file for me from there. God is the GOD of suddenly, i pray for divine intervetion in this affliction, his mercy and compassion, blessing and grace so that the order will be turn around and my green card issued, my husband has file a motion on stay of order pending d outcome of d i-130 he filed for me which is coming up on march 12 2013, and because of where d interview is going to take place in mount laurel, d officers are hell bend on accusing us of fake marriage and fail d interview, i need God to be God on that day, and now they threating to put me in prison if i dont buy my tickets to nigeria on/before on 26, next week tuesday and keep me there till i depart, unless there is a court order starting otherwise,please pray for me, for the GOD of suddenly to stand up for my help and glorify his name.

  2. Please pray for my son Melvin to be delivered from all bondages and to Love the Lord, Pls pray for Holy Spirit anointing.

    Thank you

  3. pls pray for my ma
    rriage and my business i need God s intervention. my husband is a pastor bt there is something very wrong with him. He sleeps on the floor n claims to have a backache bt i feel there is more than that.No love no warmth just a cold marriage. Pls pray for me. Jane. Kenya.

    • As Jesus visited the marriage in Cana of Galilee, He shall visit your marriage and repair every damage done by the enemy.

  4. Please pray for me. I have been suffering from demonic attack sent to me by a false prophet, who has sent the same demons to friends who prayed in get church. I pray for promotion at the company where she attacked me when we found out. Ever since demonic attacks my life has been destroyed. She has put a curse on me and my family. She has cursed night I know in the name of Jesus, she shall fail miserably. Thanks you.

  5. A Ghanaian lady told me she had a dream about me and my children. A few months earlier,she told me her father could pray. So I told her that her father should pray for me and my children. One day after that, they called me from Ghana and told me to send them $1000(one thousand dollars) I told them no and that I don’t have that kind of money and that prayers should not be that expensive. Since my refusal, and for such a high amount which I do not have, my nights have become dread. People making me scare in my room, laughing and making me scare in my room. They come in my dreams and the want to kill me and my son. I have been reading COMMAND THE MORNING, which has helped me But I need help Christian Friends. Please pray for me. I need deliverance. I know the PRESCIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS is upon me. Please pray for me and let them go away and forget about me. I know they are not of God because THE DREAMS ARE TERRIBLE THANK YOU

  6. Renuka de silva
    63 a 1
    Kudahakapola North
    Ja ela
    Sri Lanka

    Dear Pastor, 
    I am a Christian Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka.Since 1999 year I am struggling with Family and Financial Troubles.My Husband has a Affair with a Woman since 8 years.He is doing Witchcraft and Blackmagic ageinst me since 1999 year .He is harresing me .He wants to destroy my life and marry that Woman .He is doing all the things to end my life.Once he aborted me .He is a Catholic but never goes to Church.He is doing everything for that Woman .He is spending lot of Money for her.My sons and my self we have nothing .He is giving for us very less Money for buy Food and pay bills.Some days we haven’t any Money to buy Food. Day by day we are suffering. We 3 are praying lot but haven’t answer to our Prayer s.I am sick and suffering with Diabetes, Highblood Pressure, Heart trouble, Arthritis, Asthma and Fatty liver Disease. My Husband’s Name is BONIFACE.Please Pray for him to get deliverance from that Woman. Please Pray for break the Affair with that Woman.Please pray that we get a Financial Blessings.Pastor we are in difficult helpless situation now.We need your prayers urgent ly. Please send me a reply.Thank you.God bless you.

    • Go to our website again to copy the information, by that, you will have it first-hand. We are on Chancellor Ave. # 1033 in Maplewood, NJ 07040.
      God bless you richly.

  7. My family and I would like to attend church on Sunday. We live in north Jersey and would like a working phone #, address and time of worship. Thank you…

    • Please, download our service programs and special programs from our website and if you need further question, please call.
      God bless you richly.

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